Stephanie M. Schwartz, Link Center's President and Director, passed away on August 17, 2009. Her sudden death was a tragic loss to her family, friends, and the Lakota people whom she served and loved. We are sharing with you a memorial tribute written by Stephanie's good friend and Link Center Foundation supporter, Tamra Brennan. Please click here to read the tribute.

The week after Stephanie's death, LCF's Board of Directors immediately scheduled several emergency meetings to explore ways to keep LCF open. The 2009-2010 winter season begins next month, and time is of the essence. Unfortunately, we don't have the several months needed to reorganize. Therefore, after weighing our options and other considerations, LCF's Board members have unanimously agreed to shut down.

But with this sadness comes a new light of cooperation and hope: The Link Center Foundation is honored and delighted to refer our donors, applicants, and friends to a marvelous organization, Pathways to Spirit. www.pathwaystospirit.org. Pathways to Spirit's director, Carmeen Klausner, assures us that your donations will be directed to their Utilities Assistance Program to serve those applicants who are elderly, disabled, and ill living on South Dakota reservations. http://www.pathwaystospirit.org/start.html

For LCF friends in need wishing to apply for emergency heating and utility assistance, please contact Pathways to Spirit at:

Pathways To Spirit
4307 Goldeneye Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 282-3819 info@pathwaystospirit.org

For donations, please contact Pathways at the address above or donate through their website, http://www.pathwaystospirit.org/start.html Please be as generous as possible. Every year people die from the cold simply for lack of heat, and this winter is expected to be among the most dangerously cold on record. The People need our help.

Thank you, Carmeen, for your graciousness and hard work during this transition time.

In our final message public message, The Link Center Foundation Board of Directors -- Jim Beard; Alva Duke; Laura Duke; Sarah Peterson; and Gina Boltz --wish to recognize LCF webmaster Tom Gleason for creating and overseeing our Internet presence. Warm thanks also to LCF attorney Dave Perlick and accountant Jeff Cohen for their expertise and dedication to our cause. Finally, we send our heartfelt appreciation to those we've served, or those who have helped us serve, the many wonderful people in need on South Dakota's Indian Reservations. It has been a pleasure and very great honor to be included in your lives. Our prayers and best wishes for your futures of good health and happiness.

Gina Boltz
Director, Native Village Publications
Director, Youth Forum for International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Secretary, Link Center Foundation

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